TW6802: 1″ Dual-Gun Stud Welding System

The TW6802 is a fully integrated dual-gun stud welding system with two digital controls for time and current. The system was designed to meet the most challenging stud welding jobs.

NEW  PRO-TECH’D technology protects the gun circuitry

NEW  Improved user interface for more intuitive setup

NEW  Factory presets and user customizable presets

NEW  Improved weld control

TW6802 Manual

TWE 17000 Heavy Duty Stud Gun

TW6802 Flyer




  • Power supply Controller, two (2) TWE17000 Heavy Duty stud guns, two (2) sets of 50 feet of 4/0 weld and control cable and two (2) sets of 25 feet of 4/0 ground cable w/ HD clamp

TW6802 Specifications

Height 28” (711.2mm)
Width 29” (736.6mm)
Length 36” (914.4mm)
695 Lbs (315Kg)
Weld Range:
1/4” to 1” diameter
Duty Cycle:
1/4” through 5/8" - unlimited
3/4" - 18 to 24 per minute
7/8” - 12 to 14 per minute
1” - 6 to 8 per minute

* Enhanced duty cycle for production requirements.
* Powerful output for even the largest diameter jobs.
* Stepless time and current control allow for infinite settings for fine tuning the welding output.
* Safety welding interlock
* Keeps system from double triggering.
* Stud Job Counter that can be reset for every job.
Input Voltage:
230/460/575 VAC 3 Phase 60Hz
Fusing Requirement:
(slow acting)
230/180 Amps
460/90 Amps
575/80 Amps