About Us

Founded in 1928, TFP Corporation started as a cold-form manufacturer located in Lakewood, Ohio. After thirty years of growth, The Tru-Weld Division was in its early planning stages. In the mid to late 1950s “stud welding” was on the rise due to new and cutting edge technological advancements in the engineering and manufacturing fields. The requirements for higher strength fasteners were in demand to be utilized for the auto, construction, aerospace, marine, and military/defense industries.

Formed in 1959, Tru-Weld was created to cater to the growing market for these custom, high-strength, application-specific weld studs. Growing to a total of 25 employees, under the direction of President Harry Workman, TFP Corp. began to slowly make the move to Medina, Ohio in 1970. The move was staged to happen in several phases as to not disrupt workflow. Due to the weight restrictions of road transportation, most of the equipment was moved by rail car to the new 155,000 sq. foot plant in Medina.

Since 1959 Tru-Weld has been an industry leader of weld stud sales and manufacturing. Tru-Weld manufactures weld stud fasteners for a vast variety of applications. From the small everyday handheld tools, yard machinery, etc. to automobiles, aircrafts, bridges, ocean liners, steel structure buildings and military vehicles, weld studs are all around us in our everyday lives.

Stud Welding

Simply stated, the process of “stud welding” is the fusing of a threaded or non-threaded metal shaft or stud to a workpiece with a high power electrical detonation, yielding a stronger bond than if it were forged or traditionally welded. You can learn more through our stud welding guidelines and technical information.

Full Service Manufacturing

With our full in-house manufacturing facility, heat treating and finishing departments, Tru-Weld will design and manufacture a weld stud to suit your specific needs and application.

Service, Quality, and Competitive Pricing

The three vital steps that make the business world go around. We believe that with uncompromised service, high quality manufacturing and competitive pricing, Tru-Weld will continue to retain our current and gain new customers around the world. Please contact us or request a quote to see if we can add you as another satisfied customer.


Since 1928 TFP Corp. has been manufacturing cold-formed fasteners. And now 49 years later – since 1959 Tru-Weld has maintained industry leadership in weld stud sales, manufacturing, and equipment.

Our experienced management and staff is committed to providing the utmost in quality and service in every step of our production, while remaining competitive in the marketplace. It is our goal to meet our customer’s needs more effectively than our competitors through a process of continuous quality improvement. Our long-standing relationship with our customers and suppliers is our key to continued success and growth. If we can be of any further assistance to you and your company, please do not hesitate to contact us.