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Part Number Explanation

The Tru-Weld part numbers are setup to provide you a great deal of information about each product. Each part number is formatted as follows:


For example: Using the part number above (CA08-098-11-xx-xxx-x), you can know the following:

CA = Concrete Anchor
08 = 08/16 = 1/2″ Diameter
098 = 6-1/8″ Length
1 = Ball Loaded
1 = Mild Steel


  • Part number extensions [XX-XXX] are reserved for studs that have threaded extensions. This applies to shoulder studs, collar studs, IT Studs, and Stack Studs.
  • CD Studs have a 3-digit extension on the end denoting Flange/Tip/Material.
  • Lone character on end designates special marking on head or special packaging.
  • “C” or “F” on end of threaded studs signifies UNC (Course) or UNF (Fine) thread

Possible Stud Types Include:

CodeStud Type
CAConcrete Anchor
SCShear Connector
DSCThru-Deck Shear Connector
DBADeformed Bar Anchor
TTFull Thread Stud
SWRA706 Stud Weldable Rebar
TPThreaded (Pitch)
TRThreaded (Reduced)
CSCollar Stud
SShoulder Stud
CDCapacitor Discharge
ITInternal Tap
NTNo Thread Stud

Possible Load Styles include:

CodeLoad Style
0No load
1Ball load

Possible Material Types include:

CodeMaterial Type
1Mild Steel (1010-1020)
2302 SS
4304 SS
6316 SS
9430 SS