Part Number Explanation

The Tru-Weld part numbers are setup to provide you a great deal of information about each product. Each part number is formatted as follows:


For the example part number above (CA08-098-11-xx-xxx-x), you can know the following:

CA = Concrete Anchor
08 = 08/16 = 1/2″ Diameter
098 = 6-1/8″ Length
1 = Ball Loaded
1 = Mild Steel


  • Part number extensions [XX-XXX] are reserved for studs that have threaded extensions. This applies to shoulder studs, collar studs, IT Studs, and Stack Studs.
  • CD Studs have a 3-digit extension on the end denoting Flange/Tip/Material.
  • Lone character on end designates special marking on head or special packaging.
  • “C” or “F” on end of threaded studs signifies UNC (Course) or UNF (Fine) thread


Possible Stud Types include:

Code Stud Type
CA Concrete Anchor
SC Shear Connector
DSC Thru-Deck Shear Connector
DBA Deformed Bar Anchor
TT Full Thread Stud
SWR A706 Stud Weldable Rebar
TP Threaded (Pitch)
TR Threaded (Reduced)
CS Collar Stud
S Shoulder Stud
CD Capacitor Discharge
IT Internal Tap
NT No Thread Stud

Possible Load Styles include:

Code Load Style
0 No load
1 Ball load

Possible Material Types include:

Code Material Type
1 Mild Steel (1010-1020)
2 302 SS
3 Aluminum
4 304 SS
6 316 SS
8 1018
9 430 SS