TR10-XXX-11: TYPE TR 5/8-11 X “L” Reduced Base Weld Stud

These general purpose reduced base studs are used in all types of applications. They can be welded to a flat surface or to the inside or outside of an angle.

Length is approximately 3/16″ shorter after welding. It is made of low carbon steel, ASTM A108 / A29, 1010-1020.  Tru-Weld reduced base studs can be manufactured in any length above the standard minimum length of 5/8″.

Type F-Low Profile ferrules are supplied.

Length Part No.
1-1/2″ TR10-024-11
1-5/8″ TR10-026-11
2″ TR10-032-11
2-1/8″ TR10-034-11
2-1/2″ TR10-040-11
2-11/16″ TR10-043-11
2-3/4″ TR10-044-11
3″ TR10-048-11
3-1/2″ TR10-056-11

TR10-XXX-11 Specifications

Mild Steel
Stud Diameter (D):
Base Diameter:
Base Length:
Weld Fillet Diameter:
Weld Fillet Height:
F-Low Profile