SWR10-483-11: Type SWR 5/8 x 30-3/16 A706 Stud Weldable Rebar Weld Stud

Tru-Weld’s patent pending SWR (Stud Weldable Rebar) A706 anchors are fully stud weldable with standard stud welding equipment and accessories.

Benefits of Stud Welding:

  • Full penetration welds
  • Faster production that traditional welding
  • bridge and building construction
  • automatic machine controlled welds

SWR A706 Applications:

  • Precast concrete grade crossings
  • Concrete connections where ductility is key
  • Thread, bent and straight bar stud uses
  • Seismic management
  • Bridge and Building construction

The SWR08-290-11 is 5/8″ in diameter by 30-3/16″ in length before welding. Length is approximately 3/16″ shorter after welding. It is made of low carbon steel, ASTM A706, 1010-1020.

Type P ferrules are supplied.

SWR10-483-11 Specifications

Mild Steel
Stud Length (L):
Pieces Per Box:
Box Weight:
1299 lbs.
Boxes Per Pallet:
Pieces Per Pallet:
Pallet Weight:
1299 lbs.
1,000 Piece Weight:
2598 lbs.