DBA08-1154-18: Type DBA 1/2 x 72-1/8 Deformed Bar Anchor Weld Studs

These general purpose deformed bar anchors are designed for weld and bearing plates in concrete connections. They can be welded to a flat surface or to the inside or outside of an angle.

The DBA08-1154-18 is 1/2″ in diameter by 72-1/8″ in length before welding. Length is approximately 1/8″ shorter after welding. It is made of low carbon steel, ASTM A496/A1064, 1010-1020.

Type F ferrules are supplied.

weld studs deformed bar anchor

DBA08-1154-18 Specifications

Mild Steel
Stud Diameter (D):
Stud Length (L):
Box Weight:
Pallet Weight:
1,000 Piece Weight:
3932 lbs.